"Drawing the listener in with a healthy dose of swing and traditional vocabulary, Kreisberg acts as a skillful guide as he leads his audiences into new and entrancing harmonic and melodic territory on this ballad session."  -- AAJ

night songs

1. Laura (5:22)
2. Autumn In New York (8:51)
3. September Song (7:13)
4. Prelude To A Kiss (7:13)
5. Spring Is Here (7:54)
6. I'll Be Seeing You (7:23)
7. Blue In Green (5:55)
8. Nefertiti (5:32)
9. Warm Valley (6:04)

Jonathan Kreisberg-Guitar

Gary Versace- Piano (tracks 1,5,8)

Matt Penman-Bass

Mark Ferber -Drums

Guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg offers up an intriguing ballad session with Night Songs, his third Criss Cross release since 2004's Nine Stories Wide. The mood is decidely lush and spacious, and features truly unique takes on a range of familiar items as well as less played tunes such as Warm Valley and Nefertiti.

The disc features his current trio with bassist Matt Penman and drummer Mark Ferber, and adds pianist Gary Versace for quartet cuts as well as a haunting duo version of Laura.   Kreisberg performs on acoustic guitar for half of the program, displaying his affinity for the "pure" instrument as well as his ambient approach to the electric.