"On SHADOWLESS, Kreisberg takes his blend of compositional introspection and improvisational abandon to new levels"  -- JAZZIZ


1. Twenty One (7:57) 
2. Stir the Stars (5:50) 
3. Shadowless (5:47) 
4. Zembékiko* (7:07) 
5. Long, Like a Mercury Day (7:04) 
6. The Common Climb (8:40) 
7. Defying Gravity (3:27) 
8. Nice Work If You Can Get It* (8:26) 

Jonathan Kreisberg - Guitar 

Will Vinson - Saxophone 

Henry Hey - Piano 

Matt Penman - Bass 

Mark Ferber - Drums 

From the band's entrance on the first cut of SHADOWLESS, the intentions are is very clear. -- This is Jazz as an evolving artform.  The respect for the tradition is deep-- but the compositions stretch the possibilities of form, the sounds challenge the possibilities of the "acoustic" jazz group, and the improvisations reflect a working band that has electrified audiences on five continents over the past few years.

Combining a strong american tradition with certain elements of world music, like the greek rembetika inspired "zembekiko" , the south indian inspired rythyms of "twenty one", and even the sitar guitar over the nawlins groove of "the common climb" ---the result is a rythmically deep and lyrically compelling journey. 

"on a conceptual level, i wanted the disc to have a strong impact...the effect of a bright light .   After the smoky, late evening feel of last year's NIGHT SONGS (criss cross), I wanted SHADOWLESS to wake people up."